Teaching Staff
Student Activity
 Teaching Staff     Monday, December 11, 2017  

Conservative Department

- Lect. Dr. Bassam Amin

- Assist. Prof. Dr. Raid Fahim Salman

- Assist. Prof. Dr. Dara Hamarashid Saeed

- Assist. Prof. Dr. Ihsan Nemat Bahnam

- Assist. Prof. Dr. Shatha Abdulla salih

- Lect. Dr. Diyar Kh. Bakr

- Dr. Shakhawan Q. Khoshnaw

- Lect. Dr.Nabeel Martani

- Assist. Prof. Dr. Niaz HamaGareeb

- Lect. Dr. Razawa kareem Saeed

- Dr.Hala P. Hanna

- Dr. Media Ali Saeed

- Lect. Dr. Intesar Sa'adalla

- Dr. Manal M. Taher

- Dr. Lanja A. Ali

- Dr. Nsar muhyaddin

- Dr. Sazgar S. Qasim

- Dr. Bahra H. Ahmad

- Dr. Bnar A. Perdawd

- Dr. Hidayat Ababakr Khder

- Dr. Samara G. Essa

- Dr. Mahmood F. Chawshli

Maxillofacial Surgery Department

- Assist. Prof. Dr. Othman A. Omar

- Dr.Sanna D. Hadi

- Assist. Prof. Dr. Ahmad A. Haider

- Assist. Prof. Dr. Ali S. Al-Refai

- Assist. Prof. Dr.Shehab Hamad

- Assist. Prof. Dr. Ryadh Al-Kamali

- Assist. Prof. Dr. Omed I. Shihab

- Assist. Prof. Dr.Luqman F.Baban

- Lect. Dr.Khurshid Khrwatany

- Lect. Dr. Maysarah Al-Ammar

- Lect. Dr. Dilman Mufti

- Dr. Rozh M. Hussein

- Dr. Abduljaleel Azad Samad

- Dr.Judal Muhammadamin

- Dr. Saeed Hameed Tutmayi

- Dr. Hozak Rozhbayane

- Dr. Twana H. Saleem

Prosthodontics Department Periodontology Department Paedo. Ortho & Prevention Department Oral Diagnosis Department Basic Science Department
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