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Dr. Haween  T. Hassan Nanakaly

BSc, MSc, PhD Clinical Immunology

Assistant professor at the Department of Basic Science, College of Dentistry, Hawler Medical University

Research Interest: Immunology and Inflammation, Cellular and Molecular Immunology,  Tumor Immunology

Contact details: haween.tofiq@den.hmu.edu.krd



Personal Details 

Full Name: Haween T.  Hassan Nanakaly

Nationality: Iraqi

Title: Assistant Prof. Immunology

Year of birth: 1972

Marital Status: Married

Home address: Iraq/Erbil-ParkView

Work address: College of Dentistry/HMU/Erbil/Iraq


Mobile: +9647504674035

Email:       haween.tofiq@den.hmu.edu.krd

                   haween. tofiq@den.hmu.edu.iq



-          B. Sc. Degree in Biology-Microbiology(Salahaddin University College of  Science Department of Biology (From Nove.1990-June 1994)

-          M. Sc. in  Immunology ( Salahaddin University College of Medicine Department of Medical Microbiology (From Nov. 1997- December1999)

-          Ph.D. Clinical Immunology (Hawler Medical University College of Medicine, Medical Microbiology Department ( From Nov.2005-December 2009).



Kurdish: Writing and Speaking, Reading is Excellent

Arabic: Writing and Speaking, Reading is Excellent

English: Writing and Speaking, Reading is Excellent


Computer skills

Experience in Ms Office (windows, Word, Excel, Power point,  EndNote).

Membership in Societies

Member in  Iraqi Kurdistan Biology  Syndicate.


Academic Titles:

-          Assistant Lecturer 2000

-          Lecture 2010

-          Assistant Professor 2016

Recent Position:

-          Lecturer and teaching staff in the Department of Basic Science/ College of Dentistry/HMU

-         Teaching Activity:

-          Undergraduate students: Medical Biology (1st stage 2000  and still)

                                         :Critical Thinking (1st stage 2010 -2011)

                                          :Medical and Oral  Microbiology (2nd stage dentistry 2000 and still


                 Advanced Medical and Oral Microbiology ( M Sc students of  Oral Surgery 2010-2011)

    Immunology (M Sc students of Oral Surgery, Periodontology, Oral Pathology   Departments 2010 and still

              Immunology ( Lab Training – Ministry of Health 2013-2014).

Supervision of Postgraduate Students:

-         Oct 2010-Feb 2012 (Evaluation of Certain Immunological Parameters in Patients with Periodontitis in relation to Body Mass Index ) For M. Sc. student ( Solav Abdulqader  Mustafa) Department Periodontology

-         Dec 2012-Feb 2014 (Effect of Non-Surgical Treatment on the level of  some Serum Inflammatory Markers in Chronic  Periodontitis For M. Sc. student ( Sazan  Sartip Abdulhammed) Department Periodontology

Training Courses

-          Teaching Methods (Erbil/Iraq 2000)

-          Microsoft Office Word  UNISCO (Erbil/Iraq 2001)

-          Microsoft Office Excel UNISCO (Erbil/Iraq 2001)

-          English Language ( Ishik Language Centre Erbil/Iraq 2001)

-          English Language ( Lano Centre for Education Services Representative of Top Uk  Centre, Erbil/Iraq 2008)

-          Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) ( Medical Research Centre , HMU,Erbil/Iraq 2012)

-          PowerLab Data Acquisition Systems as Modern and Advanced High Tech Instruments for Teaching and Research ( Medical Research Centre     , HMU,Erbil/Iraq  Feb 2012)

-          Personal Strategic Planning ( AGA cebtre Dec. 2013).

-          Research Training Course ( Cultural Centre / salahaddin University Nov. 2014.

-          References Management (Endnote X7) Workshop ( Medical Research Centre , HMU,Erbil/Iraq  Feb 2015)

Scientific Conferences:

-          2nd  International conference for medical sciences (Erbil-Iraq 2010)

-          2nd Iraqi Dental Reunion  Annual Conference (Erbil-Iraq 2012)

Posts and Committees

-          Registrar (College of Dentistry/HMU 2000-2004)

-          Examination committee of undergraduate students (College of Dentistry/HMU 2000-2004)

-          Registrar (College of Dentistry/HMU 2010-2011)

-          Examination committee of postgraduate students (College of Dentistry/HMU 2010-2012)

-          Head of Examination Committee (College of Dentistry/HMU 2012-2014)

-          Thesis dissertation committee of M Sc students (Multiple) (College of Dentistry/HMU 2011-2016)

-           M Sc and PhD Research proposal discussion committee (College of Dentistry/HMU 2013,2016)

-          Promotion committee (College of Dentistry/HMU 2013-2016)

-          Scientific committee at the department and college levels  (College of Dentistry/HMU 2012-2016)


-          Microbiological Approach on Pericoronitis In Erbil Province by Saeed G. Hissain, Shehab Ahmed,and Haween T. Hassan . ZJMS 2004;                     8(1): 31-38.

-          Bacteriological Approach of Periapical: Periodontal Abscesses.  By Haween T. Hassan and Lukmman F. Omar . ZJMS 2005; 9(2):79-                      87.

-          The effect of 0.12% chlorhexidine (CHX) mouthwash on the incidence of postextraction transient bacteremia. By Haween T. Hassan .                   Um-Salama Science Journal 2008

-          Identification and Antimicrobial Susceptibility of Bacterial Isolates from Odontogenic Abscesses. By Ahmed Hayder Abdulla,                                   Lukmman F. Omar, and Haween T. Hassan. MDJ 2008; 5(4):422-8.

-          Evaluation of Interleukine-1β (IL-1β) levels in Plasma of Patients with Periodontal Diseases and their correlation with Body Mass                              Index. By Sulav M Abdulqader and Haween T. Nanakaly. Iraqi Dental Journal 2012;34(2):41-50.

-          Assessment of the Saliva and Serum Interleukine-6 in Patients with Chronic Periodontitis: Case Controlled Study. By                                                   Haween T.    Nanakaly.  Research & Review: Journal of Microbiology and Virology 2015; 5(1):

-          Effect of non- surgical periodontal treatment on TNF-α levels in serum of patients with chronic periodontitis. By sazan Sartip                                      Abdulhameed and Haween T. Nanakaly. ZJMS 2016; 20(1):

-          INTERLEUKINE-6 LEVEL IN SALIVA OF PATIENTS WITH CHRONIC PERIODONTITIS: A CASE-CONTROL STUD. By                                                          Haween T.    Nanakaly. JBCD 2016;  28(1)

-          EFFECT OF PERIODONTAL THERAPY ON SERUM AND SALIVARY INTERLEUKIN-2 LEVELS IN CHRONIC PERIODONTITIS. By                                  Haween T. Nanakaly. JBCD 2016; 28(2):

       - The effectiveness of ELISA  and PCR techniques for detecting Cytomegalovirus DNA in blood donors. By haween T. Nanakaly, Bashdar M.                                    Hussen,  and  Saleem S. Qader .  ZIPAS 2017,29(1):1-5

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