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    In the 24th Nov.2011, College of Dentistry Celebrate the event of poster day for the PhD. Student.

      The event provides a key contribution to a strong and vibrant postgraduate research community, serving as a social and networking event where learning, feedback and information is freely exchanged between subject areas, and departments in a friendly and supportive environment. 

What is Poster

          It is a static visual presentation used in courses and scientific conferences. For the PhD. students, poster construction is a documented academic tradition in all well known peer universities and it is regarded as an essential part of PhD requirements. In the poster day, PhD. students present their on–going research to a wider academic audience and research community through posters every year.                                                       

        Importance of Poster

—  Yearly evaluation of the PhD research.Getting use of scientifc advices from wider academic researchers.Matching the universal level of PhD students. Participation in   regional & world poster day competitions.

Celebrating the event

           In the poster day, the president of Hawler Medical University Professor Dr.Pishtiwan Bazzaz attend the College of Dentistry and examined all the posters submitted by the 15 PhD. Students. Each student gave an oral presentation about the poster and scientific discussion was taken place among the attendances.

Titles of PhD. Students Posters 

1-      Evaluation of Some Properties of the Maxillofacial Silicone           (M511) by Adding Calcium Carbonate Nan particles

1- فهـــد ســداد اكــرم

2-      Evaluation the histopathological, immundogical, and biochemical effects of pomegranate extract on periodontium in rabbits

2- امــــــل حــنا عزيــز

3-      The Effects of Local Injection of a-L-Fucose on Periodontium An Experimental Study in (Rabbit)

3- ضــنار انــــور محمــد

4-      A New Nano Calcium Carbonate-Thermoplastic Polyure than based as Root Canal Filling Material

4- بهـــار جعفـر حاجـى عمـر

5-      Modification of microhybrid composite resin by addition of nanofillers (An In Vito Study)

5- ســازان شيردل سليــم

6-      Clinical in vivo & vitro assessment of SDR-Modified with polysiloxane ceramic filler

6- بســام كريــم امين

7-      In vitro, Micro-computed tomography & In vivo Assessment of Self Adjusting File (SAF): A Novel Rotary Ni-Ti Instrument

7- ديــــار خالـــد بكـــر

8-      Effects of orthodontic tooth movement on bone remodeling in experimentally induced diabetes mellitus and the role of  TNF-a antagonist

8- انيـــس محمــود

9-      A novel Method for Treating Dentin Hypersensitivity by Using Nano fluor-Hydroxyaapatite Sol Gel and Nd:YAG laser

9- ســعيـد علــى

10-  Evaluation of the Properties of a Modified PMMA denture base by addition of [CaCo3] Nano Particles

10- جــواد محمــد ميكائيـل


11-  The Effect of Local Injection of Green Tea on Periodontium (An Experimental Study on the Rabbit)

11- دليــار احمــد محمــد

12-  The Local Effect of Meloxicam Injection on Clinically Healthy Periodontium (an Experimental Study)

12- هاشــم داود موســى

13-  New Root Canal Filling Based on Based on Novel Material: Poly-phosphonate Glass Ionomer (Modified GIF) with Injectable Cansistency by Adding Special Polymer (Chitosam)

13- عبدالكـريم رمضان ابراهيم

14-  Evaluation of Facical Muscles’ Tone and Activity in Different Facial Types

14- بــروا مهــدى عـزيــز

15-  The effect of sialoprotein local injection on orthodontic dental & microimplant anchorages for tooth retraction in dogs 

15- عمــر فــوزى    


            The College run a competition and awarded prize for the very best poster presentations. A scientific panel of 6 members with high academic title evaluated each poster lay out and evaluated the presenter capability to answer questions and inquires.

    The poster which gain the highest score by the evaluators titled

Evaluation of Some Properties of the Maxillofacial Silicone           (M511) by Adding Calcium Carbonate Nan particles which  was submitted by PhD. Student Dr. Fahad Sudad  from the Prosthodontic Department.


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